Calico is a Health and Wellness company designed to get life in balance. We create and build super-cool health, fitness and nutrition resources to help you get achieve your health goals.


Co founded by father and son team, Kevin and Jack Owens. Calico received a kick start from Commercialsation Australia to develop their technology & services and help the world live healthier (no pressure then!)

With researchers from the London School of Economics, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine finding that exercise may be at least as effective as some drugs in reducing the risk of death in stroke patients or people with heart disease - we decided to make physical activity the first component of the Calico wellness system.

We’re all aware of the importance of exercise in disease prevention - just finding the time time and motivation to do it is difficult!

In August 2011, Calico started working with Western Australian Local Governments to develop the online, mobile and outdoor activity ideas. Where we quickly realized the power of the smartphone to help motivate people in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Launched in Australia in March 2013, the Calico Burn&Earn™ iPhone app rewards people who achieve their daily fitness goal with money saving offers from local retailers. It’s received rave reviews and in April 2013, Calico was selected by to represent Aussie tech companies in San Francisco and build international connections.

Currently we’re testing the Burn&Earn™ capacity in Australia and will introduce the rewards element to the international app when we’ve worked out how to do it on a big scale.


We’re hard at work on the nutrition and lifestyle components of the Calico system to compliment the fitness app and look forward to helping you to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Thanks for having a go - Good luck and all the best!
The Calico Team